Actor, author and the John Wayne look-alike and impersonator,

has dedicated his career to keeping the image of John Wayne alive, appearing in Coors Light computerized commercials with the Duke;

has performed 16 years as John Wayne aboard Duke's yacht,  the "Wild
two John Wayne/John Ford documentaries; and much much more since 1987.

Ermal received the 2003 IGCITA Best Male Impersonator of the Year Award in Las Vegas.

Ermal's Award Winning Performance
Ermal is the body double for all of the Coors Light beer commercials where John Wayne's face is digitized on his body - Ermal did the acting.

Ermal's Coors Light Beer Commercial - with Lee Ermey

Ermal's Coors Light Beer Commercial - with the Cartrights

Ermal's Coors Light Beer Commercial - scene from "El Dorado"

Ermal's Coors Light Beer Commercial - scene from "Trouble Along the Way"

Ermal is also a key note, motivational and after-dinner speaker for corporations, conventions, and major events,

A testimony from Michael S. Mertens, President, MSPMA (Parkway Schools) Missouri "Paula's yodeling at the start of the show was outstanding. . . I've never heard anything like it before. Ermal, your portrayal of John Wayne was magnificent. ". . . You and Paula totally captivated and facinated everyone in the room with your depiction of the Duke and Paula's performance. I heard a lot of very complimentary comments throughout the day on you, Paula, and the show. Thanks again for kicking our event off to a great start. You and Paula definitely helped make our 2011 Fall Conference a big success. I hope to have another opportunity to see you and Paula perform again."


Ermal and Paula's Appearance and Performance Schedule

"Thanks again for making the trek to south central Iowa for our conference, your presence certainly provided substance to our "True Grit" conference theme!
I truly found myself living the stories you were telling, and envisioning similar persons in my past that had helped our Iowa native grow into his adulthood and eventual acting career. A most memorable evening for many of us!"
Thomas F. Hazelton
Chief Executive Officer
Iowa's County Conservation System

We still talk about "John Wayne Day" at Providence Baptist and how Paula sang during the service, and the free concert at the restaurant after church. Paula, your impersonation of Katherine Hepburn was "dead on". I'm already busy publicizing your movie here at work tonight.
Thank You.
William B. Mock (Bill Sr.) Distribution Team Manager Sun Products Corporation 487 Central Ave. Bowling Green, KY. 42101 Ermal is the author of 7 "Old West" books written in the style and tradition of Louis L'amour and Zane Grey


Across the Brazos

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"Everyone is talking about you around town! All of the other library branch managers now have you e-mail address. I told them to check out Paula also. You were a big hit! I knew you would be!!:) I can't thank you enough for coming, I'm glad you and my husband made me come back to meet you in Branson. I hope we can keep in touch, and I want to purchase any new titles you write. Ermal, again you have made friends for life here at our library! God bless you and keep you safe always!"


Come on along and join the fun as Ermal and Paula pay
Tribute to the Life and Legend of John Wayne

From Branson, Mo., they now reside in Phoenix, AZ.

"I saw your show. Great!" Burt Kennedy (writer-director for "The Train Robbers", "War Wagon". "Support Your Local Sherif") and much, much more.


Ermal and Paula's Appearance and Performance Schedule

Book Ermal for anything anyone can just about think of as John Wayne doing and have a fun-filled night.

And for your double pleasure - book them together and have a side-splitting night

See her website Paula as America's Yodeling Sweetheart

Contact: 417/598-0088  



America's Yodeling Sweetheart (c) 2005

Contact: 417/365-1156

She now resides in Mesa, AZ.

Paula performs as Kim Darby as Mattie Ross from "True Grit", Katherine Hepburn as Ula Goodnight from "Rooster Cogburn" and pays a tribute to Patsy Cline.

Paula is a 6 X's national female yodeling champion with a national commercial to her credit.

Paula Erlene's Page

Paula appeared in the "Hank and Patsy" show in Branson,MO as Patsy Cline for 2-1/2 years


Paula Erlene is a
Top Performing, SixTimes National Yodeling Champion

Just pull up a chair with Lucy and listen!

Paula Erleneis now co-starring as America's Yodeling Sweetheart with Ermal Williamson as John Wayne in "John Wayne - American". Both have recently appeared at Silver Dollar City in "A Salute to the Great American Cowboy", and are now available also for corporate events, trade shows, schools, churches, anniversaries, birthday parties, and such.

Ermal is also a cowboy poet, performing his own recitations as well as others such as John Mitchum's "America, Why I Love Her" album with Paula adding background music and songs.

Paula Williamson

Paula is a
Top Performing
5 times national Yodeling Champion

  • Earned her Second Award as Yodeling Champion 2005 by the Western Music Association
  • Appeared in the Silver Dollar City Fall Festival since 2002
  • Paula won the Silver Medal at the Patsy Montana Yodeling Contest in 2004
  • Was the 2004 Midwestern Idol Talent Search Winner
  • Named Yodeling Champion 2003 by the Western Music Association
  • Appeared in the Silver Dollar City Fall Festival since 2002
  • Appeared at the Pomme de Terre Black Powder Rendezvous from 2000 to 2004
  • Appeared at Dogpatch USA
  • Toured Canada
  • Appeared at the Missouri State Fair
  • Appeared at the Iowa State Fairs,
  • Talent winner for the All-American Girl Pageant for the regional, state, and national levels
  • Paula has released four CDs and will serenade you with her sweet voice.

Book Reviews of all seven of Ermal Walden Williamson's novels

Across the Brazos

Man from the Brazos

Call of the Brazos

We Conquer or Die

The Last Bullet

The Ghost of Ginny McBride

Beyond the Brazos


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