Ermal Walden Williamson

A prequel and sequel to William Dale Jennings' novel, "The Cowboys"

Matt Andersen was dead. Shot down in a hold up that shocked the small community of Virginia City, Montana. At least the townsfolk thought he was dead. A case of mistaken identity may have saved Matt's life but it would have to be a life lived in exile. His adventures took him south where he served in the confederate army. After the Civil War he followed his commanding general to Texas to work as a hired gun. Range wars and cattle drives kept him busy, and home life on the ranch was good.

Then, one summer day, three cowboys rode in from Montana to bring him home. Matt's life would change forever as he found himself having to decide between the life and love he found in Texas and his family's ranch in Montana.

A sweeping sage of greed, lust, gun fights, cattle drives, and family loyalty, Across the Brazos is a story of one man's struggle to find himself and his home.








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