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Ermal Walden Williamson
17417 No. 16th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85022

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Directed by William Snyder, MultiMedia WorksTV, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 - 480-768-7030

We are seeking a professional fund raiser for the movie. If you are one or, if you know of someone who is a professional fundraiser, please contact:

Chuck Crawford, Executive Producer/Screenwriter,
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Hello. And welcome to news from Ermal as John Wayne, and Paula a woman of many talents. They are now living in Phoenix, AZ where they just returned from performing at All Saints Lutheran Church in Phoenix to a standing ovation - Paula wowed them! Her singing and her repertoir are impeccable. She'll be discovered SOON!

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If you are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area before our summer tour, you might want to drop in and hear Paula sing at David's Original Hamburger Diner on Main Street, Scottsdale. She's there Tues-Thurs, Sat and Sun from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. A great tourist attraction. Drop by and say "Hello".

Ermal just came back from a stint in Spain where he shot another commerciaL for a b-b-q sauce.

OUR 2013 SUMMER TOUR - May 26 - August 5

The following is Ermal and Paula's schedule for their summer tour.

If they should happen to be performing near you, you might want to come out and see them, or even find a place for them to perform: church, theater, activity center, assisted living home, etc. If you would, please contact them early to book it at 417-598-0088 or email them at

May 26 thru July 30, Touring through Texas, Missouri, Ohio, Maine and Oklahoma.
May 26 - June 15, performing at twenty nursing homes throughout Mesquite and Dallas, Texas
June 2 and June 9, performing at Cowboy Churches in Mesquite and Dallas, Texas
June 15 to June 25 Three church performances and one wedding in Bangor, Maine
June 28 - July 19, performing in Branson and Springfield, MO.
July 20 Oklahoma churches in Oklahoma City
July 21, 2013, 100th Birthday Party for Exie Coldiron, Skirvin Hotel, Oklahoma City, OK

AFTRA-SAG member for over 40 years; Over 20 movies and television appearances as well as stage productions; performed as the Duke for over 25 years on stage, corporate events, motivational speaker across the country, in Europe and Asia; ; 16 years on Duke's yacht, the "Wild Goose; Rode an Arabian horse through Duke's house the night the house was razed; 4 times in the Rose Bowl Parade. And much, much more.


Ermal performs as a keynote and/or a motivational speaker and can be accompanied with music provided by Paula to enhance his message.
If you have a need or know someone, a church or an organization that is looking for a motivational or keynote speaker, contact Ermal at, or call him at 417-598-0088


Paula has paid tribute to Patsy Cline in the "Hank and Patsy" show" in Branson.
She also performs songs from country singers: Reba, Doris Day, Bette Midler, Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle, Tammy Wynette and many more.
She is one of the most versatile female country/singers around today - and she's young and cute.
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The following are testimonials of our appearances around the country, which we thought you would appreciate

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and Paula for addressing the Missouri School Plant Managers Association (MSPMA) as the keynote speakers at the General Session/Welcome for our 2011 Fall Conference. . . . Paula's yodeling at the start of the show was outstanding . . . I've never heard anything like it before. "Your portrayal of John Wayne was magnificent . . . You . . . totally captivated and fascinated everyone in the room with your depiction of the Duke and Paula's performance. I heard a lot of very complimentary comments throughout the day on you, Paula, and the show."

Michael S. Mertens

President, MSPMA

"Everyone is talking about you around town! All of the other library branch managers now have your e-mail address. I told them to check out Paula also. You were a big hit! I knew you would be!!:) I can't thank you enough for coming. " Karen George

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show and spending the day with you. My husband was excited about the books. He loves reading books pertaining to the Civil War. Thanks for coming to Muskogee." -- Rhonda Lee Library Assistant/ Early Literacy Coordinator Muskogee Public Library 918 682-6657 x250 Fax: 918 682-0548

Regular Prices:
"Across the Brazos", $18.95; "The Man From the Brazos", $16.95; "Call of the Brazos" - each $17.95 "We Conquer or Die" and "The Last Bullet" - each $15.95 "The Ghost of Ginny McBride" - $18.95; "Beyond the Brazos", $18.95
As a courtesy, please take a 10 percent discount for two or more books, and a 15 percent discount for five or all seven books.
Add Shipping and Handling at the rate of $8 for one or two books, $10 for three books, and $15 for all seven books.
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Ermal Walden Williamson
17417 No. 16th Pl.
Phoenix, AZ 85022
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"Ermal knows guns and the history of the true west and the westerns of Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour."

Judge Roy Bean, SASS #1

"I have read "GWTW" and "Lonesome Dove". I have to say that "The Ghost of Ginny McBride" is by far the best."
Christopher Walker, U S Army, Fort Leonardwood


$16.95 "The most famous "John Wayne" look-a-like, SASS #9772, wrote this book.

"Across the Brazos is the rare sequel, penned by another author who carries the blessing and support of the original author and maintains the character and dignity of the source novel. Author Ermal Williamson is a screen and stage performer who is an expert on the life and movies of John Wayne and has chosen this story to follow up the Wayne film and Jennings book. Williamson sought out the original author before completing this project and received his approval and endorsement of the story. Written with gusto, the story about greed and honor creates vivid characters and moves them with dispatch from adventure to adventure while painting a glorious picture of the Old West. Across The Brazos and The Man From The Brazos. Ermal Walden Williamson has a fresh approach on the cowboy lifestyle and way of life. Normally, I don't care to(sic) much for Westerns but the stories are compelling, the charectors are colorful, and the language is powerful. I promise if you read one of these novels you will be waiting in line for the next one.

Great Western! Fresh Outlook On The Genre, March 31, 2004 By Fred Bain (Marion, Illinois)

"Across the Brazos" . . . Being a John Wayne admirer and following his career, and seeing every movie, I really appreciate the effort made in this book. It was fantastic. I look forward to reading the rest of your works. Thank you and keep up the tradition, the one one of the true American, it is well needed in these current times. Respectfully Larry Houseman, Sr. It would be a pity if it is not picked up for a movie. Best to ya, Ida Lee

"I found I really liked reading about the younger version of Matt Jorgenson and how he became known as a quick draw. It is obvious that Mr. Williamson is more comfortable with the pen in this story as it flows along quite well and the story always keeps the reader interested in what is going to happen next. The characterization is wonderful and the evolution of Matt into a quick draw is a pleasure to absorb. A lot of westerns don't really delve into much historical relevance, but The Man from the Brazos is rich with historical importance. You won't regret picking up this book and letting it take you back Kansas almost 150 years ago.”


"I love The Man From the Brazos"

Patricia Schroeder, President & CEO Association of American Publishers, Inc.

"I like The Man From the Brazos because the plot was well done and makes you think as you read. So many westerns are fun to read, but they don't stick in your memory very long. This book will stay with you. Ermal is developing into an excellent western writer." Judge Roy Bean, SASS #1 Single Action Shooting Society

Mr. Williamson, my name is Dave Temple. My wife Barbara and I met you in Durango, CO. about a month or so ago. We picked up all of your Brazos series books. Just wanted to say we love the way you write and can't wait for your next book to come out. We hope you had a good time in Durango. Hope to see you at the Strater again sometime.
Dave Temple

(editor's note: The Strater Hotel in Durango, CO is where Louis L'Amour stayed when he wrote many of his novels) Fans of the Western novel won't be disappointed in this crackling story about a search for identity and personal honor, and should keep their eyes out for Mr. Williamson's next effort. He has taken Jennings' characters to another level and left this reviewer anxious to read more from this author.

$16.95 (Revised Edition)

"Call of the Brazos" Reviewer: Fred Bain
"Call of the Brazos" is my favorite book so far. I'm not finished yet but I'm to the part where Bertha had just been killed and Ginny is now wondering what side of the Civil War Matt will be on. This is even a more interesting read for me because I love anything about the Civil War. In fact, my wife and I just visited Charleston, South Carolina about two months ago! I took two different Civil War tours I love it so much. I think that these books are wonderful. I already look forward to the fourth.
I'm a Civil War Buff born and raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi and really enjoyed both books . Your research and authenticity is real good. Bill Jennings



"This captivating account comes as close to living history as one is likely to find. Ermal's characters come alive amidst the dramatic backdrop of the Old South during the war. He has woven the lives and events together into a wonderful read."
Jeff Murrah Comments: I, purchased both of your books while in Branson,MO. As I discussd with you then, I am not a reader, but the Brazos books changed that. The books made me feel that I was sitting somehow watching all this take place. I could not put one of them down once I started reading. Thank you for this GOD given talent. When will the next book be out, and can you rush it up. SEE YOU IN BRANSON "Duke", I purchased 2 of your books from you while we were in Branson at the "Branson Fest" a couple of months ago." Across The Brazos" and "The Man From the Brazos". You mention to me to let you know what I thought after reading them. I'm sure that you never expected to hear from me as you probably said that same thing to all that bought a book from you. I had mention to you that day that I have read all of L'Amour's westerns along with Larry McMurtry, Matt Braun , William Johnston , David Thompson , Terry Newcomb and Elmer Kelton to name a few. I want you to know that I have enjoyed you books very much and give them a rating right up there with the best of them. In fact if there is any way to put me on a mailing list so that when you have a new book out I could find out about it and be able to purchase it. My wife and I are full time RVer's and travel the country spending a lot of time in the west. Stories, even they are fiction but having settings around actual cities/towns / locations that we have been to or know their location makes the story so much more interesting and enjoyable .Keep up the good work and good luck. p.s. hope you didn't mind me addressing you as "Duke" Bill Quigley, (mailing address) 3 Lamplighter Dr. Nashua, NH 03064

Cant wait for your next book I so look forward to reading it. If it is one half as good as across the Brazos Ill be delighted. Across the Brazos was a perfect cowboy, western, love story, mystery, murder story I ever read. Thanks for your time with me and I relay look forward to your new book.(sic) See Ya Pardner Joe Thanks,C. W. White


"This captivating account comes as close to living history as one is likely to find. Ermal's characters come alive amidst the dramatic backdrop of the Old South during the war. He has woven the lives and events together into a wonderful read." Jeff Murrah

To be honest . . . I didn’t know what to think, as you approached me outside of the store in Old Scottsdale. Dressed as “The Duke”; and, just as commanding. Initially, I was put off. I usually push back, and walk on. But, for some reason, I decided to listen….for just a bit. A patience that rarely hangs around me, for long. I sensed sincerity and passion. So, I gave you the benefit of the doubt. . . . I finished “The Man from the Brazos” last night. I have to say, it was quite refreshing. Consistently true. What I’d like to call, “Wholesome”. Your story truly painted a picture of the “Old West”. It captured the MORALS, we are direly missing today. Right and Wrong were Cut and Dry. Justice was True and Quick. Men treated Women with Respect. (At least, your heroes did.) I am so pleased that I paused to meet you, and purchase your book. I’m now trying to purchase the next book in your series. Thank You, Roy (Lewis) (he now owns all six novels)  

"Mr. Williamson, my name is Dave Temple. My wife Barbara and I met you in Durango, CO. about a month or so ago. We picked up all of your Brazos series books. Just wanted to say we love the way you write and can't wait for your next book to come out. We hope you had a good time in Durango. Hope to see you at the Strater again sometime. Thanks" Dave Temple

This year we see Ermal's writings of all seven western novels - the latest being
"Beyond the Brazos".

So, Pilgrim. Just sit back, relax and read on.


Ermal and Paula in performance on stage in scene from "McClintoch"

We endorse the building of the new "John Wayne Museum" in Winterset by distributing brochures and telling our fans about how they can contribute to it. (

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Thank you. Ermal and Paula Williamson