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When Matt Jorgensen met plantation owner, Ginny McBride, he knew that she would be the love of his life. But a Yankee musket ball tore their lives asunder. Matt searched but could not find Ginny. He joined the confederacy and continued his search for her. Years later, while clinging desperately to life on wintry Montana night, he once again faced the demons of his dark past and answered the haunting call of the Brazos. An action-filled adventure that transcends the events of the Civil War, Call of the Brazos will captivate readers with its many surprising twists and turns in the third saga of Matt Jorgensen's adventures, a character from the John Wayne movie, The Cowboys. In this third book in Wiliamson's Brazos series, Matt Jorgensen follows his destiny to return to the Brazos through a flash back of his past to find his one true love.

Readers Review:

"Call of the Brazos" Reviewer: Fred Bain

Call of the Brazos is my favorite book so far. I'm not finished yet but I'm to the part where Bertha had just been killed and Ginny is now wondering what side of the Civil War Matt will be on. This is even a more interesting read for me because I love anything about the Civil War. In fact, my wife and I just visited Charleston, South Carolina about two months ago! I took two different Civil War tours I love it so much. I think that these books are wonderful. I already look forward to the fourth.
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A sequel to "The Man From the Brazos"

Availability - Released Dec. 21, 2005

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