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A sequel to "Call of the Brazos"

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When Matt Jorgensen met plantation owner,Ginny McBride, he knew that she would be the love of his life. Together, they would forge a lasting body, but a Yankee musket ball would tear their lives asunder. Matt searches but can not find Ginny. He joins the confederacy and continues his search for her. Years later, while clinging desperately to life one wintry Montana night, he would once again have to face the demons of his dark past and answer the haunting call of the Brazos.
An action-filled adventure that transcends the events of the Civil War, "We Conquer or Die" will captivate readers with its many surprising twists and turns in the third saga of Matt Jorgensen's adventures, a character from the John Wayne movie, The Cowboys.

Written in the style of Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey.

Readers Review:

We Conquer or Die



“Change” is a word not found in many a cowboy’s vocabulary, especially one Matt Jorgensen, a cowboy from Montana. A cowboy’s way of living can take many turns along life’s trail before he finds his ultimate calling. One never knows from where the calling comes or, in most instances, how to best answer it. A cowboy only knows that he’s got to trust what he’s got to trust, and some of the time it’s difficult to understand, especially when one is torn between right and wrong, place of birth, and color of skin, and then change becomes all important to get one’s perspectives in order. Matt Jorgensen’s call was to a ranch in Texas, south of Waco, across the Brazos where he earned the nickname, “The Brazos Kid.” The reverberating echo of his calling and the continuing plague of his southern culture against his northern heritage was his birthplace in Montana. Although many Montanans were sympathetic to the South, Matt had been reared twenty-one years without being prejudiced, mostly because he had never encountered a race or slavery situation. He left Montana clean of any racial biases and came back a different man. His life had again changed and taken on a different perspective when he met beautiful but rugged Ginny McBride, whom he lost soon after the mortar struck at Fort Sumter. He vowed to the wind that he would never fall in love again. Twenty-one years and a Civil War later, he returned to Montana following his mother’s funeral. He found himself about to make another major change in his life when he met Mary Beth Paterson, a refined attorney with many frills and laces, the complete opposite of Ginny. She preferred to be called by her middle name From an eagle’s eye view, two figures silhouetted by the pale pink Montana sunset appeared on the Ruby River Ranch. It was late afternoon of Thanksgiving, 1882. Matt’s arm cradled Beth’s back as they stood in the stillness of the evening. She was a lovely young woman, with long flowing brunette hair to match her sparkling brown eyes. She was thin, and to Matt’s liking, just a little too thin. She had come to Virginia City as an attorney from Richmond, Virginia, and in setting up her practice, took Matt’s mother on as a client to put her property in order in her last will and testament. The cowboys on her ranch had laid Mrs. Andersen in her grave before Matt made it back from Texas, a place he called home for over twenty years. He was a cowboy in his forties who stood six-feet-four-inches tall with a rugged look and scars he earned through the Civil War and various battles in Texas. At his mother’s request, he had returned to his birthplace to see her before she died, but she succumbed before he could reach her. Being her only surviving heir, he was the new owner of the Ruby River Ranch. The faint sound of a rifle echoed through the woods, causing the forest creatures to take shelter out of fright.

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