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Ermal has been a Gary Cooper look-alike with the voice and mannerisms for most of his life. Ermal started with a 2-hour one-man live performance in "The Legends of John Wayne and Gary Cooper". He made several costume changes on stage from "Wings" to "High Noon".

As an entertainer, Ermal acts as host and/or emcee at corporate events, trade shows, parties and such.

Ermal's goal is to keep the image of Gary Cooper alive. Cooper never made quite as many movies as the Duke, but his movies were quality. He won two Oscars. His character seems to be fun for Ermal to perform because of Coop's gift of humor and light heartedness. He even sings. Cooper is one of a kind.

Ermal stands outside the house depicted in the movie "High Noon"

The tour takes Madeline, "Grace Kelly" and Ermal, "Gary Cooper" in the 1947 DeSoto limo; the actual limo used to transport the actors to the various sites. Grace Kelly would be seen entering.

Ermal appears as "Will Kane" with Madeline Young as his wife in "High Noon" taking tourists to various site locations where the movie was made. Ermal and Madeline run from the church where Cooper and Grace Kelly were married.

The camera would show Katy Jurado's face staring ahead and not at the action in the streets as the train moved out. Tour-goers have the opportunity to sit in Grace Kelly's or Katy Jurado's seat for photos.

They would wind up at the barn where Lloyd Bridges and Coop would do the fight scene. Only, now the barn is down, and a lone horse roams the acerage

Ermal as Lou Gherig from the movie, "Pride of the Yankees" He performs Mr. Gherig's farewell speech from the movie.
In Ermal's one-man performances as Coop, he tells anecdotes from his movies and his life. For instance, Lou Gherig was left handed and Samuel Goldwyn and Coop did not know it until part way through making the movie. They went through some unusual situations to bring the movie around so that it would be correct.

Gary Cooper won his first Oscar for portraying "Sergeant York".

One of his first roles was in the movie, "Wings" wearing similar WWI uniforms.

His second Oscar was for the movie, "High Noon:

There will never be another Gary Cooper.

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